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At the core of my being is a deep desire to connect with people and build community. I honestly think this was driven by the fact that I lived in 3 different continents by the age of 10, and was forced to learn how to communicate and connect across different languages and cultures in order to fit in at an early age. As a direct result, I have obsessively studied, thought about, practiced, and refined the skill of relationship building throughout my life the way the greatest athletes or craftsmen approach their craft. This has afforded me great success in my career and personal life, and I want to share this success with you.

My approach to business development through relationship building and nurturing community has worked across industries (from construction to tech), economic cycles (from the economic downturn through a bull market), and sizes of companies (from startups to $100M+). My approach to connecting with people has afforded me an incredible network that has allowed me to meet some of my heroes, access lucrative business opportunities, and build a life full of rich, meaningful friendships. There is nothing I would like more than to get to know you, include you into my community, and add value to your life.

Pablo Gonzalez

BYOC - Build Your Own Community

Customers can be formed into a community. Communities are an audience. Audiences are a stage. The stage is the most powerful tool of influence.

How Do People Connect?

There are two quick way to connect with someone:

1. Share Vulnerability
Why do military platoons bond over bootcamp? Why do you feel more bonded with people from your generation? It’s simple- because they have shared the same struggles and vulnerabilities. People don’t bond with, follow, learn from, and do business with people they understand. They bond with, follow, learn from, and do business with people they feel understand them. When someone shares a vulnerability you struggle with, you feel understood.
2. Add Value
The human brain has evolved to feel obligated to reciprocate when someone gives you a gift. That is why the Hare Krishna built their entire fundraising campaign around handing people flowers and asking for a donation. That is why you feel obligated to buy things when there is a sign that says “ON SALE”. It’s your brain trying to force you to reciprocate the “gift”. In the same vein, when you genuinely add value to people’s lives, it makes them want to be around you more.

How Do We Create Community For YOU?

We help you curate a group of your customers, establish a forum for them to communicate privately over, moderate monthly or bimonthly calls where they share vulnerabilities and add value to each other, and nurture the connections that naturally happen.

What Is In It For YOU?

These regular calls serve to unite the most important segment of your customer base to each other, but how does your company benefit? Here are the outcomes:

1. Reduce Customer Churn: Can a competitor come along offering your same product or service? Absolutely. Can they offer your best customers the community you created? Absolutely not. Your community becomes the key piece of your customer escalation ladder. Prospective customers join because they’ve seen the value it brings, new customers strive to be invited to it, and your most important customers won’t leave you because the community is irreplaceable. Remember that bit about people wanting to do business with those that understand them?
2. New Revenue Stream: Depending on your type of business, your community can be monetized through it being offered as a stand alone subscription, add-on to your highest service level, or through live events. We can plan and execute entire events for you, or you can plan it yourself.
3. Marketing Content: It is clear the best marketers in the world are always creating content they use to spread across the internet and grow their customer base. When we record these calls, we capture genuine moments of your customers discussing their pain points, the explanations of how to solve them, and their genuine gratitude for having added value to their business. Remember that bit about people wanting to do business with those that understand them? You can now show potential customers you understand them at scale. We can help you execute that marketing strategy, or you can just use the content with whatever marketing team you choose.
4. Consistent Feedback Loop: It’s clear that the best tech companies in the world have ongoing feedback loops to learn from their customers’ use of their products. When you get the chance to interact with your most important customers regularly, you do too. This allows you to find opportunities to improve your product, or increase your product offering to them

Let US Handle It for YOU

We can come up with the content, moderate the calls, and continually seek out the gold nuggets that make this experience exponentially valuable for you, and your community (because we’ve done it before, and it’s all we do all day). All of this starts at just $1,697/month (3 month minimum commitment) with options of greater customization and creation of content.

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